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Our brief

The working brief was to create a fully integrated brand experience, launching the new Saab 93.  The space that was to be utilised meant a total conversion of two 19th Century buildings, including the exterior space between, into a theatre, exhibition space,  an outdoor lunch/networking area and a ride & drive experience.

Our design

Working with PCI Live and Stageone the buildings were transformed – the exterior space, or piazza, formed the link between the live reveal and the static exhibition, furthermore it served the purpose of providing the client with the lunch/networking area.

9 metre high graphic walls branded the space whilst the white tensile roof structure, designed in collaboration with Stageone, served two purposes; it provided focus and gave cover.  The roof itself was constructed in 6 sections, each supported by a pillar which incorporated conduits for rainwater.


The visitor experience

Two sessions a day meant that 300 delegates at any one time were able to go through the experience, having arrived at the piazza the guests entered the theatre by means of a custom built staircase which meant the removal of a window from one of the buildings to create an entrance to a raked auditorium, built over the existing working areas.

The theatre incorporated a tracking screen which lifted and travelled upstage to reveal the new car.  On leaving the theatre the delegates travelled through to a car park at the rear of the building via an extension of the glass entrance stairway to collect their cars for ride & drive experience before returning to the exhibition itself.

Within the exhibition space each of the five exhibits were facilitated by an expert or engineer thus making it richer and more informative.  Each area was separated with bespoke glass walls, with customised seating to align to the overall theme.  The walls of the space were clad with white filled cloth, creating a harmonious white space complete with the continuing themes of glass and steel.  The floor level of the space was raised in order to accommodate glass topped display units recessed into the surface – these contained artistically lit arrangements of car parts that were ‘framed’ by the white gloss laminate floor surface.

In summary

Overall a complete and cohesive environment was created for the delegates, one that aligned with the Saab brand.

Saab 93 Launch

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Exhibition design for Saab 93 launch
Production Company: PCI Live